DOI: 10.18413/2518-1092-2016-1-2-9-15


The paper discusses some steganographic methods based on the use of the frequency characteristics of the speech signal. In particular, the authors consider a widely used method of steganography spreading and a new method of subband projections. The subband projections steganographic method is based on the application of sub-band analysis using subband matrices. For comparison, we considered steganographic methods used in the work of several different measures of differences. Besides, for comparison, we used the standard error, relative error, the signal-to-noise ratio, correlation coefficient, a measure of distance Itakura Santo (maximum likelihood distance). Real speech signals were used to research the methods. This research was conducted at different durations of the analysis segments. It is shown that the method of subband projections makes less distortion compared to the spreading method.

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