DOI: 10.18413/2518-1092-2021-6-3-0-3


Information is becoming a very important resource and begins to exceed even tangible assets in importance. In connection with the rapid development of the importance of information in the modern world, encroachments on information resources began to grow. A group of information security tools was developed to prevent unauthorized access to it or its elements. This group of tools is defined as the term "information security". It should be noted that it is precisely the preventive measures to ensure the security of information that are important, and not the elimination of the consequences of these problems. In the course of his work, the developer may accidentally make a mistake as a consequence of which a future vulnerability may be formed at this point. Vulnerability is a weak point of a program or software; having discovered this point, an attacker can easily harm information. If the threat came out deliberate, then there are methods to ensure the security of information. This article discusses information protection measures.

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