DOI: 10.18413/2518-1092-2018-3-4-0-5


The article is devoted to the development of methods for creating libraries of nodal objects for implementing the component approach in system-object simulation modeling. With the use of calculus of functional objects - the apparatus, which formalizes the procedures of the systemobject modeling of processes and systems, the authors formulated the theoretical provisions of the procedures for constructing libraries of node objects, as well as their further use in system-object models. We consider the formal description of the process of creating a library, the operation of import and export of node objects. The definition of the node object interface is formulated, which, in turn, allows you to automatically select the node objects that are in the library for use in the system-object model. In addition, the authors consider the formal foundations of the procedures for analyzing library elements for compliance with a specific place in the systemobject model. This is achieved through the use of an algorithm for calculating the coefficient of systemicity, which shows the degree of compliance of the system with the requirements of the super-system. Thus, the formulated theoretical positions of the mechanisms for the formation of libraries of nodal objects make it possible to implement software mechanisms for storing individual parts of the system-object model in a special library-repository for further use.

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