DOI: 10.18413/2518-1092-2021-6-3-0-7


In modern world humanity regular interact with information technologies that someone creates and maintains. In these conditions, high-quality and fast training of specialists, who will have the skills and knowledge necessary for the operation of telecommunication technologies is required. One of the solutions to this problem is the development of training software complexes capable of individualizing personnel training with support of the required quality. Since in modern realities this type of training is still not widespread enough, it has a number of requirements: a friendly interface, a method for presenting educational material, consolidating the material learned, etc. Training with the help of computer programs has a number of advantages in contradistinction to traditional training, for example, such as minimal financial costs; there is not need to send an employee to courses, thereby interrupting his performance of his job duties. The main task of such programs is the effectiveness of employee training with minimal time waste. The article considers an example of the structural organization of such programs and the correct presentation of educational material in them.

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