DOI: 10.18413/2518-1092-2018-3-1-19-24


The review of the existing systems of monitoring applied in agriculture with using advanced technologies, such as the small-sized pilotless flying devices is presented in article. The analysis of agricultural reports for the last year on degree of the caused damage locust in South and midland of Russia, in North Africa, in Japan and in Kazakhstan. The main systems of monitoring of a condition of plants, existence of the fires, emergence on plantations of wild animals and harmful insects are considered. Including the autonomous system on cultivation of cultural plants is described. The systems of satellite monitoring in Africa and in Western Siberia for forecasting of appearance of wreckers on sowing fields, the atmospheres based on collection of data on humidity in the explored areas are also described. The main ways of pest control for 2017 a goal and their expediency are considered. The analysis of the market of pilotless devices for 2017 is submitted and the forecast of his further development in the sphere of agriculture is made.

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